Prefabricated relocatablemodularpremiumecological houses, made of solid wood and metal, for living or tourism.

Prefabricated modularrelocatableecologicalpremium houses, made of solid

wood and metal, for living or tourism.

A superior alternative to traditional constructions, with advantages like:
fast delivery, possibility to relocate, possibility to extend, possibility to use screwed foundation and clear costs & expectations from start to finish.

Let's analyze the real costs.

Construction sites are Unpredictable and Chaotic

Construction sites are dependent on seasons, weather, location, skilled workers, good organization, and good cost estimates that usually are not very “in check” with reality. It consumes the customer’s time, is a source of anxiety when it comes to quality control, it takes too long to see the project finished, and it’s generating a lot of waste that makes us all responsible for it.

Prefabricated Constructions
Modern Efficient Ecologic Fast Trustworthy Clean Alternative


We build in 45 days.

• Don't worry about quality control;
• Don't get involved intro construction sites;
• Don't wait after the weather;
• Don't wait for months to finish your building;

We use screwed foundation.

• Rapid Installation in any Season;
• Immediate Load Carrying Capability;
• Minimal Site Disturbance;
• Simple to Extend Load Capacity;

We deliver and assemble.

• Delivery anywhere in Europe if there is access for a truck.
• It takes ±3 days to combine modules into a bigger building;

Transparency from start to finish.

• We offer advice before starting your construction project
• We respect all the established details from start to finish
• You stay updated about the status and every milestone
• You can visit us while we are building your construction

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Adriana Simion
Adriana Simion
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Recomandam cu drag Echipa Modulary!
Sunt atenți, receptivi la nevoile clientului și își dau tot interesul pentru a ieși lucrarea cât mai bine.
Suntem foarte mulțumiți de casuta realizată de ei intr-un termen scurt.
Casuta are inertie termica bună, finisajele au fost bine făcute si ne simțim ca in vacanta!
Razvan Nica
Razvan Nica
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Tocmai am achizitionat un Tiny House de la Mobexpert pe care am pus-o in Curtea de Arges si am simtit nevoia sa va scriu mai jos impresia mea.
Echipa cu care am avut contact (Andrei Visan - Mobexpert si Anda Calugarita - constructor) sunt minunati!
Desi au existat probleme (nu au cum sa nu fie cand faci practic o casa) au gasit intotdeauna solutii rapide, eficiente.
Papi Adrian Alexandru
Papi Adrian Alexandru
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Multumim echipa Modulary pentru casuta de la voi. Mi-a placut ca am putut sa discutam pentru ca la sfarsit sa iasa exact cum voiam! Si recomand oricui sa se implice si sa va intrebe pe tot parcursul construirii si sa beneficieze de sfaturile voastre.